Tati Beauty Textured Neutrals Vol 1

I’ve been watching Tati for years so I was crazy excited when she came out with a palette. I obviously wasn’t the only one because her Textured Neutrals is probably one of the most hyped up products that I’ve seen in a long time. But is it worth the hype?

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You can find a bunch of reviews of the palette out there but most are just first impressions so I wanted to use Tati’s palette for a while and really form my opinion before talking about it.


I love the color selection in the palette. It might seem boring to some but those are the colors that I actually use most of the time and are flattering for pretty much everyone. I think it’s great that there are two columns with bolder and more playful shades (Story (orange) and Poet (magenta)) to spice up any look but they’re still nothing too crazy so all those shades can be used on a daily basis. I also like the idea that all colors come in all four finishes – Matte, Sequin, Metallic and Glitter.

The packaging is minimalistic and looks very elegant. The palette is quite big so it’s not the best for traveling but I guess that should be expected since it contains 24 shades. A very large mirror is also included which I personally don’t really care about but I know it’s an important feature for some.

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Now lets talk about the colors row by row (finish by finish).


It’s one of the best formulas I have ever tried which I really appreciate since matte colors are usually the base of every eyeshadow look. All shades are very pigmented and blend well, just make sure to use Ritual (dark brown) and Memory (black) with a light hand otherwise you might have some trouble blending them and end up with a patchy eye look. They are also a tiny bit powdery so tap off the excess but I really don’t mind that.

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This is where I start to be a bit (well, a lot) less excited about the whole thing. I really tried to like this formula but I just can’t get on board with it. I would describe it as a matte with some more or less chunky glitter in it. I’m not a fan of chunky eyeshadow, honestly, I don’t think anyone is, so I don’t really get this finish. I watched Tati’s video and tried to use these shades as she describes it – for quick one color looks, pat them on and don’t blend much – but I still didn’t like the results. I got lots of glittery fall out under my eyes even when trying to pat these shades on with my finger. Most of them also blend terribly, so it’s necessary to go in with a brush and end up with even more fall out. In the end the colors usually look just matte with almost all the glitter ending up under the eyes. The exception here might be Soothe (light brown) because the glitter in it is more fine and it also doesn’t require much blending. Story (orange) is probably the worst eyeshadow in the whole palette. It’s terribly patchy even with a lot of blending and the glitter in it is especially chunky. Unfortunately this whole row is a big miss for me.

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This is the finish that I expected the most from because when I think of Tati, I think of shiny eyeshadow. I’m a bit bothered by the inconsistency of the formula because Story (orange) and especially Memory (black) are quite shimmery so I wouldn’t even describe them as metallic. I personally prefer shimmers because they are more sparkly on the eyes so I would actually be happy if all shades were like that but then they wouldn’t be metallic. I enjoy using this row, all colors are very beautiful, shiny and pigmented and they apply best with a finger. I just wish Aura (light beige) was a bit more intense and sparkly (yes, then it would not be a metallic) because it tends to look a bit too subtle on the eyes for my taste.

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I expected this formula to be like a very glittery eyeshadow based on some other reviews but it’s actually just glitter. It does feel a bit creamy and it nicely sticks to the skin but you might still want use it with a glitter glue for a better grip because there tends to be some fall out. I think this row is the most beautiful and my eyes always go straight to this sparkly goodness but I rarely use any of it. It’s a very intense formula and I think it’s too much for most occasions. It does look great for a night out though.

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As you can see, I have quite mixed feelings about the palette. I love Mattes, enjoy using Metallics, will occasionally play with Glitters and never again touch Sequins.

Is it worth it? Yes, if you don’t mind spending $48.00 and not using quite a big part of the palette. It’s also very worth it for those who use glitter often and want to have it handy in the same palette. Still, I think there are better options out there for those who are looking for just one everyday palette. I’d recommend checking the Urban Decay Born to Run palette or any of the Anastasia Beverly Hills neutral palettes, especially Modern Renaissancewould be a great alternative since it also contains a few orange and magenta shades.

Willing to spend more for an even better quality? Check Natasha Denona.

Looking for something more affordable? Check Colourpop or Revolution.

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