NEW ESSENCE MASCARAS: Volume Hero Power Black and Super Curl Volume Eye-Opening

Essence just released two new mascaras – Volume Hero Power Black and Super Curl Volume Eye-Opening. I was very excited since this affordable brand makes some of my favorite mascaras and products in general.

Both mascaras have rubber wands, are easy to apply and they don’t flake throughout the day.

Volume Hero Mascara Power Black

It spreads nicely on the lashes and doesn’t clump them together. Unfortunately I have a feeling that my lashes appear shorter with this mascara, maybe that’s because it doesn’t give them much of a curl.

I had lash extensions on when filming / writing this review ( I’ve been testing the mascaras for at least two weeks before getting my extensions) and I couldn’t take photos of my lashes so I asked my boyfriend for help.

Essence Volume Hero Mascara

Super Curl Volume Mascara Eye-Opening

This one has a bit of a curved wand that does the job nicely. I like it a bit more than the Volume Hero mascara because it curls the lashes a bit and I feel like they look more voluminous.

Again I have a photo of my boyfriend’s lashes. Isn’t he great for me helping me?!

Essence Super Curl Mascara

I think both are nice mascaras but they are also quite average. They will be great for those that love more natural looking lashes.

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