Makeup Revolution: Fast Base Stick Foundation, Conceal & Define Concealer, Liquid Highlighter

Makeup Revolution just released a new stick foundation and a bit before that they came out with a concealer which everyone is raving about. I also couldn’t resist their shiny liquid highlighters while browsing the revolutionbeauty (previously tambeauty) website.

Makeup Revolution Foundation Concealer Highlighter

The foundations and concealers come in 18 shades so everyone can find their perfect match. I think that’s amazing especially for an affordable brand. All shades are described on their website which makes it easier to decide which one to choose. I went with the shade 4 – F4 in foundations and C4 in concealers – which is described as a light shade with a neutral undertone. I also bought a concealer in C1 to brighten my under eye area and some other parts of my face and I got a foundation in F12 which I’m going to use for contouring.

(Left to right: C1, C4, F4, F12)

Makeup Revolution Stick Foundation Concealer Swatches

Foundations and concealers of the same number are supposed to match but actually they are a bit different as you can see in the photo. Both concealer and foundation in the shade 4 also pull a bit pink so I wouldn’t describe them as a neutral undertone.

The Fast Base Stick Foundation has a medium coverage and a fresh dewy finish. It blends beautifully and not much of the foundation is needed because it spreads really well. I was very impressed by the way it wore. My skin is combo and I usually have to blot my T-zone at least a few time during the day but with this foundation I only needed to do it once. It also didn’t rub off my face much. It did settle into my fine lines a bit but all foundations do – that’s life after 30! 😉 What bothered me the most was a feeling that my skin looks a bit dull with this foundation but maybe that’s just because the shade F4 looks a bit too pink on me so I’ll order a more warm-toned shade since I really enjoyed wearing the foundation. It’s also possible to contour with these foundations. I bought the shade F12 and it worked really well.

I also loved the concealer. It has a very decent coverage but still looks lightweight on the skin. It blends and spreads really well and just a bit of this concealer goes a long way so I suggest using it sparingly.

I bought the highlighters in two shades – Liquid Champagne and Liquid Starlight. They look absolutely beautiful and blinding when swatched.

(Left to right: Liquid Starlight, Liquid Champagne)

Makeup Revolution Liquid Highlighter Swatches

These highlighters spread easily and only a tinny amount is needed. They blend really well, almost too well and leave a glittery finish on the skin which I wasn’t too happy about. I think I’ll only use them for some intense Instagram looks because they look better on camera than in person.

Check out my video for demo, wear test and contouring tips and tricks!

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