L’Oreal Pure Clay Masks

I wanted to pamper my skin today and play with Pure Clay Masks from L’Oreal. One, two or even all three can be used at the same time to target different areas of the face which I think is really cool.

The Green Mask (Purity / Purify) – purifying mask / purifying and mattifying mask

The Black Mask (Detox / Glow) – removes impurities / removes impurities and illuminates the skin

The Red Mask (Glow / Exfo) – brightening mask / exfoliating and smoothing mask

  • why are here two versions of names and descriptions – read down below!

I applied my makeup after filming this video and my skin looked smoother and more glowy than usual. I was really impressed! But the most important part – I didn’t get oily at all! I didn’t even have to blot my t-zone for the whole day!

So of course I rushed straight to the store to buy full sizes and that’s when the weird things started to happen. The full sizes have different names and slightly different descriptions! The Green one is the least weird because it’s called Purify instead of Purity, that’s ok. But the other two are kind of reversed. The Black one is called Glow and the mini is called Detox and the Red one is called Exfo while the one from the kit is called Glow. Confusing! Anyway the main ingredients – Eucalyptus, Charcoal and Red Algae – are still the same.


So I’ll keep investigating and I’ll use each on it’s own and compare the ones from the kit with full sizes and update this blog post.

*** UPDATE ***

The Black Mask

Both (full size and mini) made my skin a bit red but the redness went away quickly. I think they have the same effect on the skin – they made it more smooth and glowing and they cleared out my pores on the nose.

The Red Mask

Full sized mask seemed to have more exfoliating particles in it and the texture was slightly thinner but there was no big difference, it might just been my imagination. I thought it’s really nice to have these particles in at first but I don’t really see a point now because it’s a mask which just sits on the face so you don’t really rub your skin with it. I thought I’m not going to like this mask but I actually do. It made my skin softer and less dull – just what I needed in this cold weather. But it didn’t do anything for my pores, I guess I’ll still to Green and Black masks for that. Both (full size and mini) performed the same.

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