I’ve just come back from my vacation in Italy where I found a big Kiko store and of course I went completely crazy and brought home a huuuuge bag of Kiko goodies. I bought everything from foundations, concealers, eyeshadows, lip products and more. Check out the video to see my first impressions on Kiko cosmetics.

UPDATE after wearing all of the makeup for the whole day

Face – My makeup rubbed off of my chin, nose and forehead – these are all the spots where I have applied the Skin Tone Concealer which I didn’t like from the start and I think it’s guilty for my makeup rubbing off because everything else stayed put and looked very beautiful by the end of the day. I’m super impressed by most of the face products, especially by the Coverage Concealer and Contour Stick. I also got only a bit oily on my T-zone (less than usual) and I think I have to thank my new setting spray for that.

Eyes – Again I’m impressed by everything. The eyeshadow wore nicely and it creased only a tinny bit by the end of the day which is quite impressive since I crease like crazy. There were also some leftovers of eyeliner on my waterline which usually rubs off in a few minutes and smudges under my eyes but this one didn’t. I also liked the mascara which didn’t flake or smudge and it gave a bit of a curl to my lashes.

Lips – I liked the pencil which gave a nice shape to my lips through out the day but I was not that impressed by the lipstick. It sort of dried down and became a bit crusty on the inside of my lips. This could be fixed by licking my lips and rubbing them together so it wasn’t too bad but it’s still not my favorite. I will probably still use it because of the shade and nice feeling on the lips but I will make sure to rub my lips together more often which I usually try not to do when wearing other lipsticks.


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