The Ordinary Foundations

I’ve been testing both the Ordinary foundations – Serum and Coverage – for the past few weeks. Check out my video for full review, application and wear tests.

They are both very affordable and come in 21 shades with different undertones so everyone can find their match.

They have SPF 15 – there are two versions of these foundations, first one is European which has SPF listed on the package and the second one is for US, Canada and Australia which has no SPF listed on because of some regulations but the formulations are the same. However I didn’t notice any flashback.

They both apply beautifully but the coverage one can get a bit cakey, especially when applied with a brush (but really just a tinny bit) because it’s a bit thicker.

They have AMAZING oil control. I only got slightly shiny around my T-zone after wearing them for about 10 hours and I tend to get quite oily lately.

The Serum foundation is probably the only foundation in my collection that doesn’t gather in lines around my mouth which is just great.

Other products apply very well over them even though they tend to stay a bit tacky but the feeling is more hydrating than oily and annoying.

Short summary: I love them! 😉

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