Maybelline – The 24karat Nudes

I was reluctant to buy this palette because no one seems to like Maybelline eyeshadows but those colors kept on dragging me in. I went to the store multiple times and played with swatches before I gave in and decided to give it a shot.

Some of the shades are really not the best quality but it’s possible to make them work while some are just amazing. And again – those colors! Shades are mostly very pigmented and easy to blend. They do have some fallout but it can be avoided by tapping off the excess. I miss having a matte transition shade in the palette, I wish they would switch one of the light shimmery shades for it but I always have my bronzer at hand which is a great alternative.

There are also suggestions for eye looks on the back of the palette and I like that they included simple looks using just 2 shades and also more elaborate ones with 3 or 4 shades. I don’t like all of the suggestions but I think it’s great to get some interesting ideas.
Overall I think it was a great buy and I would definitely recommend it if you are on the hunt for an affordable colorful palette.


Peachy nude (shimmery) – beautiful creamy color, it is a bit glittery but it’s not too bad

Dark brown (matte) – feels a bit chalky but it’s easy to blend and it’s nicely pigmented

Bone color (shimmery) – very creamy and very pigmented

Nude (shimmery) – creamy and a bit glittery but again not too bad (similar to peachy nude)

Nude (matte) – creamy, nice base color

Golden yellow (metallic) – super pigmented and creamy, a bit like liquid metal – absolute favorite!

Light nude (shimmery) – creamy, pigmented and not glittery

Purple (shimmery) – feels a bit gritty under the fingers but it applies beautifully and it’s nicely pigmented

Green (shimmery) – texture and pigment is nice but it tends to look kinda brownish/greyish on the eyes

Black (matte) – feels a bit chalky but it’s easy to blend and it’s very pigmented and dark

Coppery brown (metallic) – super pigmented and creamy, it’s very similar to the golden yellow in texture

Black (shimmery/glittery) – very pigmented, glitter is not as obvious so it’s quite similar to the matte black


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